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AquaInduct -profi-®- The Solution to Limescale

Life needs water

Company Headquarters, BioWater AG in Traunstein, Germany

Today, in an age of strict drinking water regulations everywhere, private as well as commercial consumers are being confronted more than ever with water quality problems: hardness, lime scale, impurities, corrosion and microbial contaminates (e-coli, bacteria, legionella and bio film) are some of the more common problems. In Germany, 60 % of all households have a water hardness category of 3-4, too high in limescale for many areas of application. Limescale build up and corrosion compromise the water system and the appliances attached to it. Chemical water treatment is controversial. Associated with health risks, it contaminates the environment with millions of tons of salt and chemically contaminated waste water.

Germany based BioWater offers integrated solutions and concepts in all areas of environmentally friendly water purification and treatment.  Innovative and environmentally compatible products as well as novel business models present unique marketing stategies in an often "cloudy" water treatment industry. Coordianted concepts, customer optimized, in haromony with nature equals customer satisfaction and long term business commitment.